Various NWN tweaks and fixes

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Various NWN tweaks and fixes

Post by Sherincall » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:01 am

~Cloak-compatible pre-HotU animations - Add this into your override folder if you are experiencing frequent crashes. Especially recommended for Linux users.

~ To run NWN in windowed mode, change/add the following lines to the [Display Options] of your nwn.ini file (Located in the root of NWN directory):

Code: Select all

Also, your game resolution must be lower than your desktop resolution.

~ NDubyaConfig - A replacement file for nwconfig.exe which allows for some more easy configuration.

~ Add these files to your override directory to allow CEP heads at character creation. Not needed for Shadows and Silver, but useful for CEP PW's out there.

Feel free to add your own fixes and tweaks.
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